An E-commerce
platform you can get
on board with.

HeroShop, adapts to your needs.


Free up Your Technical Team

Easy and always evolving.

You don’t need any programming skill to maintain your HeroShop website. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to manage your site and modify page layouts as needed. Need programming? Reserve a bloc of time and pay only for the hours you need.
HeroShop is always striving to improve our features so that you can stay ahead of the game.

It’s personal.

Convert it.

Increase your conversion rates by customizing your site content and visuals in real time, based on visitor behaviour, purchase history, and e-mail interactions. Show them the products they are most likely to buy.

Channel it.

Offer a personalized omnichannel experience and link your ERP or POS to your website while customizing your site content based on your customers’ in-store purchases.

Where you are.

Improve the relevance of your website by customizing the content according to your visitor's geographical position and local weather.

Get Social.

Improve Your image.

The social media module lets you change and control exactly how a product or page appears when shared by your customers on social media. You can present your current offer or a competitive advantage rather than let the default settings take over.

Get influencers.

With the share-and-win module, you can reward users who are registered with your site and who share products on social media by crediting them with a percentage of the sales they generate through their shares.

GO Viral.

The native contest module allows users to share contests with friends and earn points for each friend who accepts the invitation. This module also boosts odds of winning for followers on social media and subscribing to the newsletter.

Be SEO Savvy.

Go for SEO

Custom scripts automatically reference SEO fields as soon as a category or product page is added to the site. No knowledge of SEO is required.

Get SEO help.

An SEO audit will identify all the adjustments to be made to the values entered by the script. The administrator can change these values manually.

Say no to broken links.

Removing products from your catalogue generates 404 errors — harmful to the user experience and your organic SEO. With this feature, you'll be able to redirect users to the most appropriate page by explaining why they can’t find the page they're looking for.

Promote it.

Earn loyalty.

Use the automation and personalisation modules to automatically generate the personalised promotions that are the most likely to win your customers loyalty.

Fill those carts.

Offer a free product on a minimum purchase (dollars or quantities) and increase your shopping cart totals. The cross-selling module lets you highlight complementary accessories or products—which also increases the average cart.

Get them to buy.

Set promotions and discounts as percentages or dollar amounts applicable to a specific category or product, with or without a minimum purchase.

Blog away.

Cross-links allowed.

Allows dynamic cross-links with category and product pages, making your category and product pages rich with updated content and linking your blog articles to products. Links update automatically upon catalogue update, avoiding broken links.

Go International.

We’re multi-everything.

HeroShop is multilingual, multi-currency and multi-locale. Show different products based on geography and accept as many currencies in as many languages as you like and deposit any original currency into your account.


We've got features

Take advantage of numerous B2B features including account discount levels, purchase lists, and quote requests. The same site can be used for both B2B and B2C markets, treating each visitor accordingly.


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