Not every customer is
the same. Treat them
that way.

HeroShop, real-time personalization


Make your customer the centre of attention.

Tailored shopping=Better

Ever been frustrated because the perfect piece of clothing you found online is not available in your size? Or because you have to navigate the same pages over and over to see the products you are interested in? HeroShop puts an end to those frustrations by providing a personalised website for every shopper based on their expressed interests, previous purchases, size, and—most importantly—inventory availability.

Personalize by brand.

HeroShop recognizes the brand and styles your customers have purchased from you. Why not start by showing them the accessories for the products they already have, or clothing from the brand they purchase the most often? HeroShop will recognize your customer's favourite brands and present products from those brands first.

Personalize by taste
and size.

HeroShop recognizes your customers’ tastes/sizes based on their in-store and online buying history, browsing habits, and interactions with your promotional e-mails. This means it prioritizes and promotes products of strong interest by placing them at the top of the list—as long as they are available in your customers’ size.

In case of rain…

HeroShop can also personalize based on your visitors’ local weather conditions by simultaneously showing—on the same home page—rain boots to a visitor from a rainy Vancouver and snow boots to another visitor from a snowy Toronto.

Automate for power.

Combine the power of the automation module with the personalisation capabilities of HeroShop to create unique shopping experiences and dramatically increase your sales.

You can create unique promotions and discounts on specific products only for customer who visit the product page a certain number of times without purchasing.

When adding new products, your website can automatically send emails only to the customers who are the most likely to be interested in those products, showing them samples of the new additions you have just made to your collections.

Customization in e-commerce is…


Average Cart Total


Conversion Rate


Purchases from the same retailer when it is omnichannel


According to retailers, customization is essential to their marketing strategy

And yet just 6% of retailers
implemented a personalization
strategy in 2017.

Don't let technology slow you down.
Adopt HeroShop and deliver a unique personalized
customer experience.

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