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HeroShop let you focus on your retail business, giving you control of content, banners, product management, promotions, merchandising, and order management while integrations, automation, and personalisation configurations are handled by the experts.

Here is a partial list of features that you will find in HeroShop. Let us know what you’re trying to achieve. Book a no-obligation, customised presentation.

It’s personal.

Imagine having a different version of your website for each customer, one that immediately showed them the products most likely to appeal to them, in inventory and in their size. Personalization on HeroShop goes far beyond product selection. Homepage banners, site colours, blog posts, personalized recommendations: these are just some of the ways we can enhance the experience for each customer.


Imagine being able to send an enticing offer to a customer who’s visited a product page three times without completing a purchase. Or being able to automatically send out personalized emails to customers whenever you add products from their favourite brands or styles. HeroShop’s automation rules are among the most sophisticated and flexible on the market.

Merchandise it.

Take advantage of an advanced merchandising module that recognizes variations of the same product. No need to hide items that are no longer available in a given colour. Automation makes it possible to push low- or out-of-inventory items to the very end of the list, optimizing the visibility of your best selection.

Channel the sale.

Integrating HeroShop into your POS or loyalty program will customize the online experience based on in-store purchases. A customer who buys a given product in your store could be offered a complementary item the next time they visit your website. You can even create crossplatform contests by linking POS and online customer accounts

Whatever the weather.

Imagine if your site were able to adapt to the visitor’s local weather. For example, in mid- January, your homepage could offer hot chocolate and a winter visual to users from Quebec, or iced tea and a refreshing visual to snowbirds browsing your site from their Florida condo. Or let’s say it’s raining in Montréal and sunny in Québec City: your homepage could show rain boots to visitors from the first city and sandals to visitors from the second.

It depends.

You can also create complex technical product configurators or offer a variety of sizes, styles and colours. HeroShop is flexible enough to distinguish between multi-criteria variations of a given product and display what’s currently in stock first.

Share and Win.

Reward your customers who share on social media! This feature encourages shares by crediting an amount to the account of a customer whose share generates a sale. There’s also a dashboard that lets you track your most active influencers, their shares, the products that are shared the most and the income generated.

Product Ratings.

Customers who complete online or in-store purchases will be invited to share feedback by leaving a product rating. Comments are approved by the site administrator before being published. The feedback module is native to HeroShop.

Improved Customer.

Share and win features, product ratings and blogs are all native to the HeroShop platform. A single account lets visitors use all features and this account is your property. Using plug-ins to add these kinds of features can require customers to open multiple accounts, which can create communication issues between the various plug-ins and the data belonging to the software publisher.

Personas and

Personas can be real or fictional characters who upload blog posts, have their own page and post their favourite product lists. They can issue personalized recommendations based on a user’s purchase or browsing history. Visitors to the site can also interact with the personas by asking questions or commenting on their blog posts.

Blog with Dynamic

The blog is a native functionality of HeroShop. We were the first to integrate it into the catalogue, making it possible to cross-link products with the blog or insert hot links. Show the products that are associated with a blog post or have a blog post feature on a product page, with dynamic links that automatically update. No more worries about broken links whenever you update your product selections!

Intangible Goods.

You can sell both tangible and intangible goods in a single transaction while processing each product separately. A customer who buys both a barbecue and a grilled foods cooking course will purchase both in the same transaction. The system will automatically issue a coupon for the intangible product (the course) along with purchase and shipping confirmations for the tangible item (the barbecue).

Multilingual and

HeroShop is multilingual and multi-currency, letting you show different information in different languages (no obligation to translate the full content) and keep each sale in its original currency. Customers can pay for their purchases in their local currency; and you get to choose your forex trader and the exchange rate.


The cross-selling module displays products related to an imminent purchase when the customer goes to checkout. These may include complementary items, cleaning products or addons like courses or accessories.


Filter creation is dynamic, making it possible to create as many as desired: by brand, colour, size, genre, style and so on. Filters are used to narrow the selection process and configure product selectors. The personalization module recognizes the customer’s objectives and brings up the products that customer is most likely to want to buy, based on the filters he or she has used.

In-Store Pick-Up
and Guest Purchases.

Customers can open an account at time of purchase or complete the purchase as a guest. They can also opt to have their purchase delivered to the store closest to where they live for in-store pick-up.

Advanced Social.

Don’t let Facebook’s algorithms decide how your page or product will look in social media shares. Show photos or videos of the product in use rather than just a catalogue image or add a catchy title or even a promotional offer to increase your visibility and interest.


HeroShop has a number of unique built-in SEO features. Ask us for a demonstration.


HeroShop lets you create and manage events based on theme, place, date and time. Site visitors can quickly locate the events that interest them in the branch closest to where they live. You also have the option of adding photos and/or videos to each event.

Photo Galleries.

Create photo and video albums and organize them according to different criteria — for example, categories like “inspirational,” “event-related” or “store openings.” You can also insert images from the Instagram account.

Special Offers and

Create a wide range of promotions and discounts to surprise your customers and spark their interest. Set discounts based on purchase amount or number of units purchased, or as dollar amounts or percentages requiring a minimum outlay (or not). Let your imagination go!

VIP Accounts.

VIP account holders always get a personalized discount based on their purchase volume. A great way to clinch the loyalty of your best customers by offering them exclusive benefits.


Just as you can create promotions on an granular basis, you can also create coupon codes for one-time use by a single customer for a specific product. A customer service tool that can instantly issue coupons to keep customers coming back — for instance, to make up for a delivery delay.

Free Items.

This feature lets you automatically add a free item to the carts of customers who have reached the minimum purchase amount. Free items may be offered generally when a minimum purchase is reached, or only when buying a selection of products or even a particular item. An excellent way to boost cart averages or promote certain product lines.

Product Compare

This tool allows customers to compare up to four different products. It’s the perfect feature for vendors selling complex technology like cameras or electronics.

Dynamic Layouts.

Dynamic layouts provide site managers with great flexibility, letting them reconfigure pages without having to resort to Web developers. Just choose the desired size for each visual element to have them automatically update, always in keeping with the site’s look and feel.

Modular Shipping
Cost Management.

HeroShop can be connected to your carrier to show costs in real time. Shipping prices can also be calculated on a granular basis, city by city, postal code by postal code, for each category or even each product.


The native module lets users boost their odds of winning by sharing contests via e-mail or social media. Having a native module makes all shares generate links to the website rather than to a contest app — which is good for both SEO and the customer experience. What’s more, site users won’t need to create an additional account to participate.


Site users can create and share as many wish lists as they like by simply dragging and dropping their selected products into the appropriate area.

Why HeroShop?


Flexible & Stable

HeroShop offers all the flexibility needed to produce the website you want, safely and technically.


Easy Integration

HeroShop merges smoothly with your internal systems and compensates for any weaknesses, letting you implement sophisticated business logic.


Cutting-edge Technology

Built on the Ruby on Rails Web application framework, HeroShop offers advanced technologies and faster, more stable development.


Hosted and Managed

Reduce the stress on your IT team. Your site will be hosted on world-class servers, monitored 24/7 and managed by world-class experts.

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