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Agency HeroShop partners can gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets and deliver cutting-edge, worry free eCommerce websites to their customers. Gone are the days when updating a plugin would break your customer’s website, or you had to tell customers they can’t have what they want.

Design agencies

You’ll benefit from a streamlined and optimised process to deliver unique eCommerce websites to your customers without having to write a single line of code. You’ll focus on what you do best: designing stunning websites on HeroShop templates or from scratch. The HeroShop team will handle the coding and deployment at a predetermined fixed cost, allowing you the benefit from the margins—and the accolades.

Web agencies

Use your favourite framework and benefit from an optimised process to improve your competitiveness and win more contracts. You custom design and code your customer’s front-end eCommerce websites or use HeroShop templates, and get access to an experienced team of developers to implement the back-end. You can rest easy while HeroShop handles security and plugins—without any code conflicts or code regressions.

Development agencies

Want to gain a competitive edge in your market? Get access to the complete source code, work frame, design templates and HeroShop optimised processes to deliver better websites in less time and with improved profitability compared to Magento and other open source or hosted alternatives.


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